My First Deer

I shot my very first deer in Loudon NH, on 2011’s youth hunting weeked. This was the best hunt ever, I was so glad I got something because I shot her a couple hours before sun set on the last day. I moved the story to my new web site.  Read How I shot my first deer during New Hampshire’s Youth Weekend.

NH deer harvest chart 2002 – 2011

2002 – 11,089

2003 – 4,492

2004 – 10,133

2005 – 10,595

2006 – 11,766

2007 – 13,559

2008 – 10,916

2009 – 10,384

2010 – 9,759

2011 –  11,167

Catching Eels and Snapping Turtles.

A few years ago we went camping at four seasons campground in Maine NH. That is my favirote place to go fishing, beacuse I caught all types of fish there, snapping turtles, northern pike, and american eel’s. If you want to read this story go to the link below.

Field dressing my Doe.

Check out my post “My first deer ( doe )” Where I tell the story of how I shot this great deer. Once I shot her the guys pulled her out with the ATVs , that ride was one of the bumbiest rides I have ever been on.

We brought her to a stream where we cleaned here out using a great tool called “butt out”, to remove some of the insides, then we took the knife and slit the deer open. Then started to remove the guts and throw them away. Once all the insides were out we rinsed her out. As you can see in the image below, Once we where done we went down the road a ways to the cars and loaded her in and went to weigh her in.

Butt Out –